Winter Quarter, This Year (2001) - Visit from a few OU alumni

01 huss,rick.jpg (116532 bytes) Huss and Steele duking it out in CAPCOM Bowling at the C.I.  If you notice that intent look on Rick's face:  that's because, veteran that he is, he got schooled by Ryan on his own turf.

02 brad.jpg (98959 bytes) And, of course, it just would not have been a visit from the Weasel if there were no golf ball.  I later found out that he had Dan run it up to the C.I.  for him.  I have to say, I think the real world has taken its toll with him.  He just doesn't seem quite as shrewd as he used to be.

03 golfball.jpg (108549 bytes) In all fairness, he did manage to get me once.  For all those unfamiliar with the golf ball, it simply means if its dropped in your beer - chug.  Suffice it to say, as the night goes on, more innovative and even ruthless tactics must be employed to catch one off-guard.

04_jayrick.jpg (94272 bytes) Jay and Brad saying what's up to some girl Rick was talking to.  Rick has long been used to such things.

05 huss.jpg (102845 bytes) This is the point where the Weasel got a hold of the camera for a bit.  Here some girl is giving Huss a birthday kiss.

06 huss.jpg (99814 bytes) And another a birthday present.

07 mark,jeff.jpg (78614 bytes) Fellow high school graduates, Mark and Jeff.  Both are also members of the exclusive '77 club here at OU.

08 jay.jpg (112717 bytes) Seems that it was Sweetie Pietie's birthday, too.  Imagine that.

09 rick,jay.jpg (78659 bytes) Rick and Jay.  I'm not sure what was going on in this picture, but rest assured Pieton was up to something.

10 drew,tracy,jeff.jpg (72951 bytes) Tracy, another OU alumnus, was also down to visit.  Here she is with Drew and Jeff at the C.I.

11 alberto,jess,jeff.jpg (99075 bytes) Alberto, Jessica, and Jeff.  I had the pleasure of meeting the happy couple while on spring break in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago, at which point they had just started dating.  It just so happened they were staying at the same hotel as us.  Since then I've been able to watch there relationship blossom to the point where they're kind-of-engaged now.  Congratulations, I guess.

12 huss.jpg (80808 bytes) At Pawpurr's now, Brad once again with my camera.  Can never have too many birthday kisses.

13 jay.jpg (88840 bytes) Jay and friend at the bar.  Fairly astute, too:  she didn't fall for the birthday line, maybe it was the delivery.  After all, I'm no Weasel.

14 brad,huss.jpg (103786 bytes) Brad and Huss.  Don't mess.

15 jay,brad.jpg (92566 bytes) Brad, I think it's safe to say:  we've all missed you.

16 dave.jpg (114983 bytes) Dave, fellow CE major, somehow became caught up in the action.

17 pawpurrs.jpg (109986 bytes) Still at Pawpurr's.

18 jay,brad.jpg (90908 bytes) Trouble if I there ever was such a thing:  Jay and Brad.

19 jay.jpg (87220 bytes) Having lost Rick, Brad, and Ryan, Jay and Jeff headed to what was once the Greenery.  Now it's known as the Swindlefish (a.k.a. The Fish Bowl).  The place was completely changed, it's blasphemy I tell you.

20 jay.jpg (91239 bytes) There was a band playing and Jay didn't hesitate long before breaking it down.

21 band.jpg (87902 bytes) Why are we here?

22 jay.jpg (89283 bytes) Pieton fit right in with all the hippies, dancing his heart out.

23 band.jpg (102129 bytes) Some picture.

24 swindle.jpg (94655 bytes) A shot of the "refurbished" Swindlefish.

25 sleep.jpg (105745 bytes) Pieton resting comfortably.  Rick, Brad, and Ryan were A.W.O.L. that night.