Winter Quarter, Senior Year (1999)


01 girls.jpg (97617 bytes) Chilling in our apartment winter quarter:  Jenny, Kellie, and Missy.

02 kelly,dom.jpg (132894 bytes) And 10 S. High (at that point home to Dan, Rick, Brad, Jay, Neal, and Andrew) had a Hawaiian party toward the end of winter quarter.  Kelly and Domonic (the future Mr. and Mrs. Deluca) showed up for the event.

03 andrew,alina,jeff.jpg (132243 bytes) Andrew, Alina, and Jeff spending some quality time together.

04 autumn,dan.jpg (115505 bytes) Autumn and Dan take a moment.

Dan, Mike, and Christie. *

Caruso and Bednar. *

Sean, Joel, Mike, and Dan at 10 S. High. *

05 tim,pieton.jpg (120694 bytes) And Tim and Jay.  Typical for 10 S. High, residual Christmas ornaments can be seen in the background.  You could probably find a decoration for any given holiday at any given day in that house.

06 morton,monica.jpg (104609 bytes) Ryan and Monica in the apartment.

07 mort.jpg (138790 bytes) And now we're on spring break, Morton happy to have movie channels.  At this point, we were at a Comfort Inn outside Houston International Airport.  Morton, Tom, and Leake spent the night there, waiting for Huss to arrive on a later flight the next day.  Sadly, we were so bored we would take the complimentary shuttle to the Airport to find stuff to do and to eat.  By the time we left, we knew that airport inside and out.

09 tom,jeff.jpg (88066 bytes) Kicking it in the room:  Jeff and Tom.

08 tom,mort.jpg (92669 bytes) Of course, Spidey made the trip with Morton.  All Tom can do is laugh.

10 rental.jpg (95739 bytes) And here we are on spring break.  A total of 22 of us went, I think, though we split up in order to find our way down to South Padre Island.  Tom, Jeff, Ryan, and Ryan made the trip together.  You might consider a picture of a car rental store strange in spring break pictures, but considering the amount of time we spent at the store and in the rental, it makes perfect sense.

11 tom,mort.jpg (128034 bytes) Tom and Ryan loading up in the minivan that would become so dear to us over the next 24 hours.  It was a nice ride.  And good size for just the four of us.

12 houston.jpg (57882 bytes) Houston as seen from afar.

13 houston.jpg (62776 bytes) Another picture of Houston.

14 rice.jpg (121628 bytes) It was a gorgeous day, and the three of us had to wait for Huss's flight to get in, so we spent some time down on the campus of Rice Unversity, Frisbees firmly in hand.  That's right Morton, you're number 1.

15 i95.jpg (94521 bytes) Southbound on I-95 into Houston.

16 tom.jpg (109112 bytes) That night, Tom in preparation for the drive down to Brownsville from Houston.  The trip took 7 hours through complete nothingness.  What's more, once we reached Brownsville, we decided to spend the night in the van in the parking lot of Brownsville "International" Airport.  By international, I think they mean Mexico, which was about two miles away.  Seriously.

17 brownsville.jpg (83392 bytes) Much to our surprise, we woke up the next morning to find that our buddies (Josh, Adam, and Sean) had spent the night in their rental car about a dozen parking spaces away from us.  So we car-pooled with the blue Neon to get rid of the rental cars.

18 brownsville.jpg (74216 bytes) Still following them.

19 tom.jpg (100108 bytes) Finally in South Padre.  We estimated the trip, including driving time, flying time, and layovers, took about 22 hours.  Some of our friends drove the whole way and it took them about 26, though I'm sure the drive back was not much fun.  At least we were able to completely familiarize ourselves with Houston International Airport.


* thanks to Dan Bednar