Visit to CA, Liz's Farewell

February-March, 2005
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On my way to Fresno, CA. This is how I got between L.A. and Fresno: by Saab.
At dinner: Kelly and Jeff.
Okay, as far as cats go, Bisous is a pretty good one, I suppose.
On my way back to Cleveland. I saw this head poking out of a bag in Atlanta. Why so blurry? Because no flash. Why no flash? Come on...I think you can figure it out. It just would have looked bad.
At Howl-At-The-Moon in Cleveland one night in March: Mooney dancing a jig.
One of the last nights we got to spend with Liz before her move to Germany.
Brad. Someone got a hold of my camera, evidently. Someone who's a fan of the impromptus.
Pete was in town for a few days to visit Liz. I feel like these shots are off an episode of Real World or something.