June 2001 - Trip to Outer Banks (Avon, NC)


01.jpg (64611 bytes) This was the last night that everyone would be there, so we had a couple of ceremonies to get out of the way.  We each wrote a little message on the piece of paper in the bottle - very profound words, no doubt, about Cheez-It and what not.  Here's Bill preparing for the throw.

02.jpg (65992 bytes) And the toss.

03.jpg (136440 bytes) The second ceremony that night was the burning of the chair.

04.jpg (103806 bytes) And man did she burn.

05.jpg (127870 bytes) The ensuing inferno.

06.jpg (70274 bytes) Combing the beach:  Robyn, Paul, and Bill.

07.jpg (70987 bytes) Mike, Jill, and Nate walking around.

08.jpg (124166 bytes) Here's a shot of the pad:  Watercolors.

09.jpg (92990 bytes) And the living room.  Everyone left this day except Nate and Jeff, who stuck around for one more night.

10.jpg (129455 bytes) We bought a couple nice filets and grilled them up.

11.jpg (129523 bytes) Nate working his magic on the grille.

12.jpg (116915 bytes) One the way back home to Ohio, we stopped by to visit an old high school buddy of mine, Mike Kastelic, in Fredericksberg, VA.  He was soon to be married (July 14th), so at least I got to see him one last time before he took the plunge.  You know, they say you can never go back once you tie that knot.  It was nice knowing you, Mike.

13.jpg (170299 bytes) Back at OU, a couple shots for posterity.  Here's a picture of Stocker Center, the engineering building that I've become so fond of the past six (count 'em!) years.

14.jpg (102298 bytes) And looking south up Court St. from the north end, the old Greenery on the right.

15.jpg (181273 bytes) This shot was taken on my way out of town.  Ohio University, 1804.  It treated me well.